How To Unlock at&t iPhone 5 For Any Carrier(Unlock AT&T Tablet or Phone)

This is about unlocking any carrier’s iPhone 5. First of all, during the unlocking process, we must first obtain the IMEI number, which identifies which phone needs to be unlocked, when activated, needs to select the right service provider, and when completed, receives an e-mail.

To begin the unlocking process, we must first go to the iPhone dial and get the IMEI number. To do this, you have a dial-in asterisk zero six pounds. Once you do this, the new screen will display a 15-bit IMEI number. From this number, we can know exactly which phone needs to be unlocked and through the Apple server, please. Ask for activation.

So once you have this IMEI number, make sure you save it somewhere and write it down exactly as it appears on your phone. Don’t make any mistakes, because this number is very important.

Once you have this number, I’m going to take out the SIM card. As you can see, I have 18 SIM cards and I’m going to put this phone on the T-mobile SIM card, as I promised, let’s put the SIM card in the phone, let’s put it in, as you can see, once I put it in the T-mobile SIM card the phone itself is locked, and it says it needs to be activated because the phone is still unlocked, in which case it needs you to activate it through the Apple server.

If your phone is unlocked, it will activate you completely, so once you enter this screen, I will basically go to this site called the,, so once we enter this site, you will see a section on the home page where you can enter you Mobile phone information.

For the onion number, I’ll continue to enter the number you just received from the phone. This model is the iPhone 5s, so that’s what I’m going to choose.

The network of the iPhone is 18t. The phone has been purchased from 18 U.S. to the U.S. It’s locked in to 18 U.S. It’s important to choose the right service provider for your phone. Yes, so I’m going to choose this. In this case, you have to go and finish your order. I’ve finished this. I received their results in my email and now it’s unlocked and ready to run on

You just need to open the iTunes I already have, it’s open here, take you to the cable, this is the USB cable, I just want to connect this USB cable to the iPhone, in this case, remember that we have the T-mobile SIM card in this phone now no matter what the SIM card in your phone is, as long as it’s with the original provider SIM cards are different, so in this case all we have to do is connect to the USB cable that connects to the iPhone, and once connected to the computer, we can continue to activate. So I just let it work, and that’s it, because you can see that it’s connected, and it’s activated through iTunes.